Dr. Shpend Bengu

Born on May 12th, 1962, Tirana – ALBANIA.

With an experience of over 20 years in University Master level, in institutions in and out of the country. With a rich professional experience in the fields of Art, Multimedia and Cultural Heritage in and out of the country. Winner of “Painting Prize” in Contemporary Art Biennale of Austria in 2006; winner of “Best Experimental Film” prize in Tirana Film Festival 2008 and many other national and international prizes. Expert, curator and collaborator in the fields of Printmaking, Graphic Novels, Comics, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Digitalization, New Media, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity in many institutions, universities, national and international organizations as: ELIA, UNICAL, UNESCO, UNDP, OBSH, Ministries of Culture of Albania, Italy and Slovenia etc.

He is the only representative of Comics Makers in Albania till the beginning of the XXI century. In 1997, he introduced the comics for the first time in the university curricula. In 2014, as a director of Albanian ICH at the Ministry of Culture of Albania, he organized and directed the First Edition of Albanian Graphic Novels. In 2004, he organized and directed the First Edition of Calabria Cartoon in Italy. Calabria -Italy.

2022 till now, Member of ELIA European League of Institutes of the Arts.

2018 Multimedia trainer for “Tirana ART FEST, 2018” in collaboration with Tirana Municipality 

2017 - 2018 Host and Curator of Home Movie Day Albania. Tirana - Albania.

2016 Expert international trainer of ACP for the digitalization for Western Balkans Film Archives 

2014 Director and organizer of First Edition “Albanian Graphic Novels”. Tirana - Albania

2011 Member of the jury at the Tirana International Film Festival (international film section competitions: Short Movie Film, Experimental Film, Documentary and Animation. Tirana - Albania

2008 – 2010 Archives Digitalization De Rada, in the Central State Archive. BESA Project (Library Electronics Sites Albanophone) University of Calabria. Director, editor and operator graphic designer series documentary project BESA. Albania and Italy

2002 – 2011 Author of several multimedia projects for the promotion of Albanian culture Arbëresh and collaboration with prof. Francesco Altimari and Linguistics Department, Department of Albanian language at the University of Calabria in Italy. Albania and Italy.

Worked as Graphic Designer for publishing houses "Bulzoni" and "Edzioni dell 'Orso" in Florence, Italy, for cover books, logos and periodicals. Florence - Italy.

Underground Comics manager and "Comics Without Words" by young artists from Europe, Asia and Afrika, in collaboration with editor Luca Bonnano. London - UK

November 2001 Participates as trainer in Workshop organized by Stripburger Foundation and Ministry of Slovenian Culture, for new authors for comics in Central and Eastern Europe. Ljubljana - Slovenia.

1999 Author of mural paintings in the “Church of the Sacred Heart” in Tirana. Tirana - Albania.

May 1995 Curator and Chairman of the Jury for the exhibition «the Spring '95», organized by the Ministry Albanian Culture, National Gallery of Fine Arts. Tirana - Albania.

April 1995 With the cooperation of the Foundation, "GUILP" and "ARCINOVA" organizes the young authors group Third Edition Expo Albanians Expo-comics. Fiera di Levante. Bari - Italy.


Doctoral Studies - September 2012 Ph.D. Thesis: “Albanian Cultural Heritage in the global network” Field & Specialty: Albanian Art History / Interdisciplinary Arts, Centre Of Albanian Studies, National Research Institute on Archeology, History, Anthropology & Arts, Linguistics & Literature. Tirana - Albania.

University, Bachelor- September 1982 - July 1986 Graduated as Graphic Painter - at the Academy of Fine Arts. Tirana - Albania.

Trainings and specializations - Information Technology, Digital Media, Communication, Cultural Heritage, Public Administration, Public relations, European Integration etc.

Employment Record

2018 to present: Lecturer of Printmaking, Multimedia and Photography in the Department Art & Design at the Faculty of Applied Science and Economics in Albanian University. Tirana - Albania

2013 – 2018 Lector of Printmaking and Multimedia at Tirana European University. Tirana – Albania.

2013– 2015 Director of intangible Cultural Heritage, Revitalization of Albanian Language and Cultural Diversity in Ministry of Culture.  Tirana – Albania.

2011 – 2013 Director of the Regional Directorate of National Culture of Tirana, Ministry of Culture. Tirana - Albania.

2002 – 2018 Associate lector of the University of Calabria and of other institutions of the province of Calabria in the fields of graphic design, painting and multimedia techniques. Participated in initiatives undertaken to assess Albanian culture at the University of Calabria and in other entities of the Province of Calabria. Lector of Master in Multimedia studies, artistic, computer techniques and multimedia applications, organized by the University of Calabria and the local authorities (municipal and provincial) of Calabria, Italy. Calabria – Italy.

2012 – 2013 (Part time) Lector of Multimedia in AAB University, Prishtina - Kosovo.

2004 – 2009 Lector of Art History in the Architecture Department at the Faculty of Architecture in Albanian University. Tirana - Albania.

August 1996 - February 1997 Dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts in Academy of Arts in Tirana, and Professor of graphics, drawing, painting, and the theory of communication. Initiator of the pilot project with the subject, theory of communication. Tirana - Albania.

March 1987 - July 1996 Lecturer in the High School of Fine Arts in Tirana, in subjects; painting, drawing, graphics, history of writing. Tirana - Albania.


May 2023 - Ekspozita “Dal Mare Comics Festival”. Comicdom Con. Athens - Greece.

February 2023 - Ekspozita “I know what I like”. Dean Clough’s Crossley Gallery. Halifax – UK.

December 2022 - “Mini Print Cantabria Collection”. University Art Gallery - University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska, Lublin - Poland.

September 2022 - Exhibition “Dal Mare Comics Festival”. Istituto Italiano della Cultura. Athens - Greece.

September 2022 - Exhibition “Dal Mare Comics Festival”. Organised by Polo Museale di Lecce, Regione Pulia, Comunita Europea, Ministero Italiano della Cultura. Shetitorja Murat Toptani. Tirana - Albania.

June 2022.- Exhibition and workshop. “Dal Mare Comics Festival”. Museo Castromediano e Biblioteca Bernardini. Museo Della Parola e della Stampa. Lecce - Italy.

May 2021 - Exhibition "Collection Mini Print Cantabria, La Mer et les Phares” à Bordeaux, Cervantes Institute in Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux - France.

November 2020 - Exhibition of the First Edition of the International Graphic Biennale. Mitrovica - Kosovo.

September 2020 - Premiere of the documentary made by him "Damnatio Memoriae" Tirana - Albania.

July 2020 - Exhibition "Tirana of the Art of Quarantine in 100 years". Tirana - Albania.

October 2018 International Comics “Nova Festival”. Pančevo/Beograd/Kovin - Serbia.

August 2018 IMPACT 10 - Mini Print Biennial, Centro de Arte Faro Cabo Mayor. Santander - Spain.

November 2017 Grafika ’17. Shenja Shqiptare. Edition III. Galeria e Artit Fier. Fier - Albania

November 2016 Grafika ’16. Shenja Shqiptare. Edition II. Galeria e Artit Fier. Fier – Albania

November 2015 Grafika ’15. Shenja Shqiptare. Edition I. Galeria e Artit Fier. Fier - Albania

September 2013 The International Comic Book and Cartoon Festival. Prizren - Kosovo

August 2012 “Kosova Award”. World Cartoon 2012. Galeria e Arteve Pejë. Peja - Kosovo

December 2011 Shpend Bengu & Armand Sallabanda EXPO. Tirana - Albania.

November 2011 Cultural Austrian Week. “Mozaik“, White kube“, Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, Tirana - Albania

September 2011 “Strips in de Ballkan”. Representing of Albania at Balkan Comics Festival. Antverpen - Belgium.

March 2006 Go-Est Film Festival in Visbaden. Frankfurt - Germany

December 2005 TIFF Tirana International Film Festival – Third Edition Millennium 2 Cinema.  Tirana, Albania.

December 2004 TIFF Tirana International Film Festival – Second Edition Milenium 2 Cinema.  Tirana - Albania.

February 2004 “Calabria Cartoon 2004” University of Calabria & Commercial Center “Metropolis”  Rende (CS) - Italy.

November 2003 “Homage to De Rada, to Arberia, and Calabria” Badia Greca. Esarchic Monastery of Grottaferrata. Grottaferrata, Rome - Italy.

October 2003 Personal exhibition dedicated to De Rada. Italian-Albanian College at San Demetrio Corone (CS) Italy. San Demetrio Corone (CS) - Italy.

October 2003 DeRadian Personal exhibition. National Library of Cosenza. Cosenza – Italy.

December 2002 Exhibition “Comics – Stories from the Balkans”. Thessaloniki - Greece

August 2002 “For Twenty-Four Thousand Kisses” Balkan festival. Ravenna - Italy

August 2002 Comics from the Other Europe. Dubrovnik - Croatia

May 2002 Stripburek – “La Bande Dessinée dans l’Autre Europe” Confort Moderne. Poitiers – France

February 2002 Stripburek – “Comics from the other Europe” Karton Gallery. Budapest - Hungary

November 2001 Exhibition KUD France Presern. Ljubljana - Slovenia

April 1995 Exhibition of the Third edition of Expocomics Fiera del Levante. Bari - Italy.

March 1995 Exhibition of the Seventh International Comics Artic Festival. Art Center Kemi. Kemi - Finland.

October 1994 Exhibition of the Biennial of Lisbon Cordoaria Nacional. Lisbon - Portugal. March 1994 Exhibition of the Second Edition of Expocomics Fiera del Levante. Bari - Italy.

Prizes / Awards

May 2021 - For his high merits in the Visual Arts, he has been certified with the title of “Master” and has been selected by the publishing house "DeAgostini" and the "START Group" to be part of the publication "Atlante dell'Arte Contemporanea 2021" (Atlas of Contemporary Art 2021). This publication covers the 81-year period of World Contemporary Art, from 1940 to 2021, and coincides with the 25th anniversary of the founding of the DeAgostini Publishing House. Rome - Italy.


December 2020 – International Graphic Biennial Mitrovica Print 2020 - 3rd price. Mitrovica - Kosovo.

June 2017 - “Global Art Ambassador Award” from Big Picture Foundation and United Nation Organization.  New York - USA.

September 2006 - Price for painting - (Biennale Austria). Hüttenberg - Austria.

December 2005 - First Prize for Best Experimental Film, Tirana International Film Festival. Tirana - Albania.

March 1994 Price “Roberto Careschia”. Second Edition Expo comics. Fiera dei Levante. Bari - Italy.


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"Global Art Ambassador’s Award"

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